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Construction Yearbook

by Oropola

Gain the picture-driven communication advantage.

Communication is key. Picture-driven communication is more key. Construction companies that embrace picture-driven communication have a competitive advantage.

  • Enhance every conversation with pictures.
  • Never slow down or frustrate the field
  • Training is never required

Construction Yearbook figures out which photos belong with which project and saves them in the project folders you already use in near-real time.

Construction Yearbook delivers a complete set of quality pictures, at your fingertips, that tell the whole visual story of your company’s work, every day, silently obtained, without slowing down your field people, and received in real-time enough to dramatically improve how your company communicates with each other and your customers.

How it works…

Construction Yearbook System

Examine and harvest embedded metadata

The app gathers the data that’s secretly bundled with image files and creates a record.

Enhance and combine with job / project information

The app matches the image with job / project information from other company systems and enhances the record using visual processing.

File automatically in your job / project folders

The app files the photo record with all the searchable enhancements on your company’s existing system automatically in near real-time.

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